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by Judi Ward

Milli’ is an elegant and sexy Boudoir Doll, who will take her place in your home as an exceptional decorator piece.

Milli’ has some great new techniques and pattern innovations that make her fun to make and embellish.

You can use lovely laces and trims, flowers and braids for embellishment, either sewn or glued on… If you do beading, Milli’ is the perfect palette for your finest work.

You can use woven fabric for her torso, like quilt fabric, satin, brocade, taffeta, etc…or…a firm knit like Doesuede, or upholstery velour. Doesuede and upholstery velour come in some great colors, and even prints. Don’t use a stretchy knit for her body/torso, unless you plan to underline it with a firm, 100% cotton woven fabric.

Do use Craft Velour or Doesuede for her legs, arms, shoulder plate and head. Woven cotton can be used for the above parts, but your doll won’t be as smooth or “luxurious” looking. Add classy elegance with the lace and net choices for the skirt, and the fancy fabric for the yoke of her skirt. Milli' will be one of the most beautiful and luxurious dolls you will ever make.

The dolls made in the classes that I teach here at the "Unfinished Castle" have all been superb! I know yours will be too! Also, as with all of my classes, I never do "just one thing" and there will be a little "secret" project if you desire to do it. It is a take off from a part of Milli', and is fun and quite quick too. It also makes great small gifts.

Remember....it is a secret!

Many of the skills you will learn in this class can be adapted to lots of your other doll making too.

Join us to make a great, elegant doll!

Whatever! Whatever!
Milli' sits about 17" tall.

Whatever! Whatever!

Whatever! Whatever!


"On-Demand" and "Self-Paced" Class!
Cost: $39.95

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The full sized pattern is included online.

Note: There is an optional printed pattern available for an additional fee when you register.

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by graduates of of Judi's class!

***Table of Contents***

Chapter 1. Introduction, supplies list, pattern preparation and pattern.

Chapter 2. Some basic technique directions. Ladder stitching. Stuffing. Shaping, stuffing fork, Freezer Paper use for all pattern pieces, even those with the seam allowances included, not just templates.

Chapter 3. Making the Legs and Arms. Finger articulation, hand posing, easy arm armature if desired (but not needed if you stuff very firmly.) Painting the shoes (decorating them will come later. It is too easy to knock off the decorations while assembling your doll, to do it now.) Painting the fingernails and making long fingernails with crystal lacquer.

Chapter 4. Making the Body. Attaching the legs and arms to the body.

Chapter 5. Making the shoulder plate, stuffing the neck with clay and sculpting the clavicles inside the cloth. Stuffing the Boobs and making Milli’s lovely cleavage. Attaching the shoulder plate to the body.

Chapter 6. Making the head, including shaping the clay in the nose, stuffing, needle sculpting the mouth. Drawing, painting and shading the face. Applying the eyelids. (the eyelashes will be applied after the hair is on) and attaching the head to the neck. .

Chapter 7. Applying and styling the hair, using a felting needle for the application of the mohair or glued on mohair. NOTE>>>You can use a real doll wig instead if desired.

Chapter 8. Making the skirt, and sleeves and adding the lace and trim to the bodice. Embellishment ideas!

Chapter 9. Decorating the shoes, including a clay piece if desired, and applying the eyelashes.

Chapter 10. Pattern and “quick” directions for the barefoot and bent arm version

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